The Dick Howser Center would like to provide the healthiest possible environment for the children and staff. To help us achieve that goal, the following illness policy is thoroughly implemented.

All children with any signs of illness must be isolated and leave the program. Parents will be contacted immediately. Please be prepared to promptly pick up your child if he/she becomes ill at school. It is not the responsibility of DHC to prove illness. We are bound by the health guidelines provided by the Health Department requiring that all children who are ill or suspected to be ill leave the program.

Any fever, vomiting, or diarrhea will be considered signs of an illness. Children exhibiting any of these conditions must not return to school until they are 24 hours symptom free without the aid of a fever reducer. Fever reducers will not be administered at school.

We must protect ourselves and the other children from illness by strictly adhering to this policy. A note from a physician is required for a child to return to the program after being treated with antibiotics for 24 hours. If, however, our experience dictates that additional time is necessary to maintain the well-being of our children and staff, DHC reserves the right to delay return to the program.