Themes and Units

August /September: Beginning the Year

Focus: Making friends, learning school rules, getting to know my teachers, being a good friend and special sounds at school.

September /October: Balls

Focus: How balls move, different types of balls and the people who use them, what are balls made from.

November/December: Clothes

Focus: Exploring clothing, taking care of clothes, how are clothes made, where do we get our clothes, special clothes for work.

January/February: Buildings

Focus: Buildings in our neighborhood, who builds buildings, what are buildings made of, what’s special about our building, what happens inside buildings.

February/March: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Focus: What do people throw away, where does trash go, how do trash and garbage affect our community, can we reuse junk, can we create less trash

April/May: Trees

Focus: Trees in my community, food from trees, who takes care of trees, how do trees change, what can we do with parts of trees.