Parent Testimony: Justice

When my husband and I enrolled Justice into The Learning Pavilion, we hoped for the very best, but in all honesty, we had countless concerns because we were unsure how he would adjust, namely because he has ASD. Justice had yet to join a school-like environment, and we face many challenges because he is non-verbal and sensory sensitive. Also, we had just moved from Europe, so there were many transitions taking place. We knew our son needed a structured learning environment, and we prayed he would grow, learn, and adjust.

I say this with a huge smile and happy tears, but Justice has done more than adjust. Justice has blossomed incredibly! He went from avoiding playing with other children to happily parallel playing and co-playing with peers. He welcomes affection from classmates and can’t get enough of his amazing teachers (and we can see why. They’re the best!) He joins group activities and plays sports outside with others (thanks to TLP, he loves soccer!), and he embraces new experiences, experiences we truly never imagined him wanting to dive into (arts & crafts, sensory play, and more!) As soon as the front door opens for him to enter the school, he runs in and doesn’t so much as look back! 

When we first enrolled, the administration had shared with us that art projects are not forced upon children. Instead, children can participate at their own will. With a heavy sigh, I assumed I may not receive many art projects from my son because I know he was uncomfortable with exploring art, textures, and respective materials. Well, in no time (and I truly mean NO time), Justice was diving into arts and crafts (with the help of his teachers) and willingly participating in activities he often shunned at home – coloring projects, playing with slime/clay, and chalk (yes, chalk, which is especially major for children with sensory sensitivities!)

The Learning Pavilion cares about our child. I mean, truly cares. Justice is not merely a number or a body taking up space. He is a person with feelings and needs, and these truly gifted, patient, loving teachers give their all to our child. They celebrate his milestones, and they are candid about his progress, which helps us, as parents, navigate the next steps of Justice’s educational plan.

On the weekends, Justice grabs his backpack and lunch because he wants to go to his special place, The Learning Pavilion, and although he has tears when he realizes it’s Saturday, we feel so fortunate that our son loves his school. More importantly, we are indescribably grateful that our child has grown by leaps and bounds. 

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